Sunday, 28 September 2008

us - OBAMA AHEAD IN POLLS be sung to the tune of Abba's Dancing Queen

McCain can't dance, McCain can't jive, he's not having the time of his life
See Barack, see that dude, gotta dig that mean machine

Friday night they had a debating show
Started with a friendly hello
Obama dressed really slick, getting in the swing
They're in a wrestling ring

John McCain couldn't beat that guy
He's tool old and his joints have gone awry
But with the right medication, everything might be fine
He thinks he can advance
But he has no chance

Because his running mate, has sealed his fate, Sarah Palin
John McCain's election campaign is failin'
He can try, he can strive, if he can stay alive
In the polls, McCain knows, he is trailin'
The article that inspired: HERE
The song that conspired: HERE